Layout 2020.2 Snapping Issue

Problem snapping in LO 2020.2

Unlike in previous LO versions the selected element isn’t snapping to itself when I copy and move…


I see that behavior, too. I’d guess a bug. If you drop the copy and then move it, the snap works. Or put the snap point over to the right one more line.

@adam any thoughts?

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This definitely looks like a regression in behavior from 2020.1 to 2020.2 when moving a copy of your selection.

Thank you for reporting this!

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I have noticed the same snapping laziness.

My workaround is to move it in two steps. First move to a nearby location. Then zoom right in and in a second move it will snap like intended. (Luckily the round snapping dot has not reset)

Anyway a software bug fix would be obviously preferred over a workaround…

I believe this was fixed in 2021? I am running 2021 (version 21.0.392) and doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.

Diving a little deeper, I actually think this behavior could be improved upon (wish list items perhaps) if Layout allowed snapping to “ghosts”…

During move, you can see where something used to be. It would be great to be able to snap to these “ghosts”…

Feb-27-2021 10-55-03

I often find situations where I want to have this behavior but end up having to create a copy instead, then go back and delete the old one.

Obviously, If you hit the Option Key (Mac) to create a copy, you CAN snap to the ghost so the behavior is probably 1 line of code from being available.