Ctrl Move not working in Layout 2020

Hi, when I want to open a new scene in Layout I usually just copy (Ctrl ‘move’) a scene I already have on the page and then change the copy to the scene I want but since upgrading to the 2020 version I don’t seem to be able to do this anymore. I now have to copy and then paste and then move and then select the new scene. Is it just me or is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I haven’t seen this issue in 2020 or in any other version, for that matter.

Does this happen in all LayOut files? Can you share one in which it doesn’t work?

You’ve only just ‘upgraded’ to 2020?

It only happens with the 2020 version (I have a perpetual license).

I’m not sure how to do that (show how it doesn’t work) without making a video. Any suggestions?

Making a screen capture video would work. Sharing a LayOut file so we can see what you’ve set up would also help.

Copy Move Issue.pdf (151.3 KB)

Are you holding Ctrl until the copy renders?

1 & 2 show that Move + Ctrl works when only the scene is selected.
The problem occurs when I select multiple entities (in this case, scene, fill & text), then it would only move but not copy them.

Again, are you holding Ctrl until the copy renders? Watch for when the + next to the cursor disappears in my gif, below.



I actually typed the distance I wanted it to move so, no, I guess I released the Ctrl button before it had completely rendered into the new position.

You can still type the distance. Just do it immediately after the copies render.


I just tried it again and it seems to work when I let the render finish before releasing the Ctrl button and typing the distance. It’s just that I have been doing it with earlier versions without thinking and it always worked. It could be because I’m working from home using remote desktop and it’s a tad slower to react.

That seems to do it. Thanks for your help.

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I’ve been using LO since the first version and it’s always required holding the Ctrl key until the viewport rendered. There was a change though to when the copy is rendered, I think mid 2020, that saves rendering until the moving content is placed. This was done to reduce how many times the content has to be rerendered making the movement smoother. Previously moving a viewport could be very slow because the viewport had to be re-rendered many times during the move. Now the move is smoother and faster and the viewport only gets rendered once. And a second time, as you can see, when the Move distance is entered.

FWIW, you might find it easier in some cases to do a Copy/Paste and then do a move with the cursor keys. Hold Shift for larger move increments.


FWIW, if you copy both of the viewports at the same time you can move them together.