Layout 2020.2 objects copied on move don't snap

I use layout as a drawing tool (it’s just faster than SU), Layout 2020.2 doesn’t however support snapping of objects copied during a move or scale operation.

This affects the use of duplicate “X” times operation that was previously available.

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Yes, this has been reported, there should be a fix in an upcoming release.

If you drag an object from a scrapbook, it wouldn’t snap on existing objects in the document, either. While the copy/move is called a bug (because it worked in prior versions), moving object from a scrapbook snapping on existing objects would be a feature request.

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I so hope it is fixed soon, as for the type of stuff I’m doing with Layout, I’m sort of done like a dinner


hold your left hand on the Ctrl key and tap ‘C’ and ‘V’ for now, it will leave an extra copy over the existing, but that won’t matter because they won’t show up in a count :slight_smile:
Nice sheet!

Thanks Mike! I’ve still got Version 18 installed, so will most likely use that for populating the panels for now!

The new leader settings for dimensions in 2020 is pure gold! So will still make use of it!!!