Layout 2021 Snapping Issue

Further to posts about snapping in Layout:

I continue to find snapping problematic…

In the above I have vertical linework on a layer above a vector viewport (horizontal lines).

Particularly moving the gizmo to the end of the grey line the snap indicator has a hard time of finding an endpoint and instead shows an intersection snap instead so you are never sure if you are snapping to the line endpoint

Paul, I have never understood the logic of LO’s snapping. It seems to find snaps all over the place. I used to think that it was because I had the grid active but even with it turned off, things jump haphazardly all over the place. You might think that visible intersections or endpoints would have more gravitational pull than hidden ones, but they don’t seem to. I often find I have to draw in temporary lines as guides instead of relying on snapping and inferencing. It’s a nuisance.

But I’d be really happy if someone suggested what we might be doing wrong after all these years!

For me Simon, I remember this issue not occurring before it got broke with the 2020 update.

Yes - temporary lines help

@paul.mcalenan I have see this too! Question: is the Sketchup viewport on top of the lines? I mean in terms of the “Arrange” menu… can you get a different behavior from re-arranging stacking?

Hank, the vertical lines are in a group assigned to a layer above the viewport layer that has the horizontal lines

I am chiming in here to say that this is a big problem. Snaps don’t work nicely in LO or SU, and has resulted in a huge drop in productivity for me. I am so frustrated that I am actually searching for threads with problems I have encountered in order to complain. We need the basic tools and interface to continue to work well, way more than we need whatever new bells and whistles the developers think up. Snaps needs to be fixed! Moving orthogonally needs to be the default! Perpendicular snaps need to be a default (for roofs!). I am really unhappy with SU/LO 2020 and resisting using 2021 because I think it will be even worse. It is harder to draw, snaps don’t work nicely. Just all around buggy and terrible. I crash so much it’s just not even funny.

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