Layout 2018 - Bug Splats & 'Not Responding"

Detailing my 1st plan set since switching to LO2018 and all attempts to export to pdf result in crashing. 40MB LO file referencing a 70MB SKP file with 10 pages of almost all hybrid scenes. It takes a long time with constant ‘not responding’ notifications (which i ignore) and ends up hanging around page 8 and then bug splatting.

I was able to replicate this on 2 computers with the same results. Saving the file as 2017 and exporting from 2017, while slow, works fine. Saving the file as 2017 and exporting from 2018 does not.

This leads me to believe the issue is with LO 2018 and not the file specifically… unless someone has greater insight or things to try

I have the same problem.
Added large tree files to my SKP file now layout just hangs up and wont ever reload the file.
2018 on a perfectly capable machine.

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