Layout 2017 Crashes Immediately when attempting to update references

Layout immediately crashes when I try to update or relink references in a file I am trying to work on. We work from a network but I also moved the files to my local computer to see if that might fix the issue, to no avail. No bug splat is produced. Both the LO and SU files are pretty simple and I have purged both files and attempted to ‘fix issues’ via the model info dialogue in SU, there were no issues detected. Has anyone else encountered this?

Can you share your file?

Hi Marc, Thanks for helping out, here is a link to a Dropbox folder with the files

Please note I also updated to the M2 release but it did not seem to fix this problem.

I can duplicate the crash - it’s happening while vector rendering the model. Vector rendering crashes are tricky - it’s the sort of thing that can be very dependent on the exact angle and zoom level of the viewport. I’ll ask the graphics team to investigate the root cause of the crash, in the meantime your best workaround would be to switch to raster rendering while working. If we can figure out exactly which viewport is crashing, you can delete it or slightly tweak the scene to work around it that way.


Hi @Marc and @stephen, I get the crash as well but I noticed that if I save the SketchUp file first and then re-link I do not get the crash.


Thank you both. I found as well that switching the viewports from vector to raster helped to fix the problem for this file. However, are there best practices for dealing with vector rendering and avoiding this issue? I have encountered this before and this particular document is quite simple compared to some of the larger buildings we have done where there would be many more pages and far more viewports set up and specifically purposed for raster or vector depending on the drawing. This would make troubleshooting a file quite difficult as well as time consuming for switching each page to vector, hoping for no crash, saving, turning the page, switching to vector, saving, turning the page… Also, for precise dimensioning and annotating on top of a SU viewport, it is quite difficult to work with raster sometimes because of the low resolution on the screen (without turning resolution to high and slowing down the computer more). Any thoughts would be really helpful, thanks!