Layout Out Crashes

Good morning,
Having a issue with layout crashing when updating/ rendering a image from sketch up.
Images seem to be loosing walls and there set style then crashing the file and computer (see images for reference). This has been happening (sometime, 9/10 times works perfectly) when clicking update model reference.
Unsure why this is happening

2nd image is it showing up correctly for reference

Upload the .skp file, someone should be able to figure it out and offer a solution.

Sorry unable to upload full file as has private client information throughout

Is the Sketchup file you are updating in Layout stored on your local hard drive, or stored on a separate server or cloud?

It is being stored on a separate Network Drive.

There have been problems reported with layout referenceing cloud based or network file storage systems. Sometimes failing to update, sometimes corrupted. I don’t use one and don’t have a fix for you but I recall seeing many complaints about odd behavior attributed to this over the years.

We have been using this method of storage for years and are working on several project at the moment and not having any issues with other files.So unsure why it is only this file doing this.

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