Layout 2016 Crashes when editing text or using annotation tool

I’m facing a bit of issues with Sketchup Layout 2016 and was hoping you could help.

I have been using 2016 version for quite some time and primarily for hobby related projects.

Lately I have been having problems with Layout. Every time I try to use text command to insert text for annotation, the program shuts down without any warning and a “BugsplatReporter” software opens up. Same is for annotation command and when trying to edit text.

When I reinstalled the software I have lost all the “View/Design” options like x-ray and wireline etc

Rest of the commands are working fine…

Can anyone help? I’m not tech savy so keep it simple please


Have you updated your MacOS lately? Apple has stopped supporting Nvidia graphics cards in its newer OS versions.

Supplementary to @Anssi’s question, what version of Mac OS are you running now? Five years ago when SU/Layout 2016 was current, OS X was also a five years earlier version - Sierra, I think or even Yosemite? Changes in the OS may have rendered Layout flakey in later versions. C’est la vie.

Could you revert your OS back to what it was when SU last worked?

I’m using Mac OS Mojave Ver. 114.6 on MacBook Pro Retina - 2012. The machine is a bit old like me so have to find a solution to make Layout work :slight_smile:

Thanks John for the feedback. I would try using older version of OS but then some of the other graphics software which have been updated, like Adobe etc, might not work