Layout 2 point arc tool

so my Layout line tool works just as in sketchup, I can indicate a direction, and type in a positive number to get my length. I can, if I want to, give all coordinates, but I dont have to. The 2 point arc tool in sketchup works by the same logic: I click, and I drag out my intended direction to the second point, set the length as a number if I want to, drag out my bulge in the desired direction, and hit a number if I want it set by a number.

One would think the same basic behaviour would work in Layout, but it seems you have to give the full coordinates for it to work numerically, Layout will not read your mouse indication so to set the second point as a function of your indicated direction and then just a number.

I suggest this behaviour should be aligned to how sketchup and most other drawing apps works. I’m sure this must be something that was just forgotten, or stopped working at some point. The bulge however works with direction + numeric input.

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