SU 2016 - 2 Point arc

I can draw a 2 point arc with ease in SU2015…
but in SU2016, after selecting “2 points” then “bulge”… it gives me 2 STRAIGHT LINES (Not an arc)… very frustrating.

Is this a bug?
or is there some secret new intuitive command i am missing?

Looks like you have set the number of segments at 2. Select the tool again, type 12 and hit enter then draw your arc.

From this, it sounds like as Box said, you are typing 2 after getting the 2-Point Arc tool. Doing so will give you the results you see.

Thanks for prompt response
I Typed 12s [12 Segments] and that smoothed it out to look like an arc…
I now get how SU arcs work :slight_smile:

Now my problem is that I cannot draw this “2 point arc” to a small radius [eg. 1mm Radius]… in such a manner that the FOLLOW ME tool will fillet the top of my solid shape.

I can do it successfully with a 10mm Radius 2 point arc… but going gaga trying to draw a small 1mm fillet.

I have UNITS sets to “mm”… and precision set to 0.000mm (and snapping to0.05mm)…
Any hints welcome on how to make a SMALL 1mm Radius fillet around the four edges of a solid cube?


It won’t let you draw that tiny radius arc because the segments making up the arc would be too short. Scale the model up by a factor of 10 or 100 and draw the arc. then scale down after completing the Follow Me operation.

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