Fillet or internal radius tool

I have gone from SU 8 to SU 15 (Make), In 8 I used a fillet tool FilletTool.rb - this doesn’t seem to be available for SU 15 Make.

I still have the FilletTool.rb file, is it possible to install it on SU15

any help please?

That tool is quite old and not available on the SketchUcation extension store any longer. I suspect it has not been maintained since SketchUp upgraded to a newer version of Ruby a couple of years ago, and if not it probably won’t work without modifications.

However, SketchUp now has its own two-point arc tool which does about the same thing as that old plugin plus some nice extra features.

Thanks, I have found this and it works a treat!

TIG’s 2D tools are also brilliant in making fillets.