How to get 'bulge' on 2 Point Arc (anchor points)?

Morning all,

I had issues getting my forum account set up ages ago and kinda gave up. For some reason it worked today though so hi all!

In the picture below, I created an arc, then used the scale tool to stretch the arc further out. Ideally however I want to control how much ‘bulge’ there is to the right hand side of the arc.

I know in illustrator, when you use the pen to draw and then use anchor points to help curve things out.

Is there anything similar to this on sketchup? Could be really useful.



You can enter the units with the Scale tool. Like this:

It looks to me, though, as if you might do better with a different kind of curve. Perhaps a Bezier curve would be appropriate. There’s The Bezier Spline tools and FredoCurve from Sketchucation or the Bezier plugin from the Extension Warehouse.

This is with the Bezier SPline tool from Sketchucation.

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Ah excellent thanks!

I think the ‘Bezier SPline tool’ looks perfect.

I’m surprised Sketchup doesn’t have this out the can!?

You’re welcome.

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