Connecting multiple points with a curved line


I am trying to draw out a boat and need to connect several points in a smooth curve. I have yet to discover the method for doing this. So far I just smash a bunch of 3 point curves and simple curves together but it is unsatisfactory. This is such a simple and common process there must be a way to do it. I attached an example, on the port side I just used a line tool, ugly and yuk. On the starboard side I used the three point curve but it is not really that good either. I really just want to pick my points, and have a line connect all of them.

anyone what to sprinkle a little knowledge on me?

adventure 23.1 side deck curve.skp (157.5 KB)


This topic may be of interest.


(After deleting some double lines) you can use Fredo6’s Curviloft plugin…

(click to animate)


This is a idea with circles, stock arch tool and Bezier Curve Tool ( 2 and 3 edit click version in the Extension Warehouse) I use the 2 click mode, the 3 click edit is the default.
This is a file with some info that was past to me, by someone who is a lot better and has years hands on time with SU. As my attempts to him looked like scrape plywood and 2x4`s and what he showed me ( very quickly ) I had to agree. Something to practice with and may help you develop an idea or spark something that you had not realized yet, hope it helps. As it gave me a new way to view things…Peace…

adventure 23.1 side deck curve.skp (292.1 KB)


Thanks guys, I got pretty close with just the 3 point arc and stock sandbox tools. Close enough to work with the space.