B-spline curve through points not connecting to points

In the attached file, I tried to create a b-spline curve attached to points. When you zoom in to the connect points, the curve misses them. Is there a way to make the curve connect to the each point?

temp.skp (1.1 MB)

I’d use a Catmull spline to draw the curves through the corners of the frames since the control points lie on the curve.

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I searched the extension warehouse for catmull and it turns up nothing. Where do I get the catmull spline?

They are part of Fredo6’s BezierSpline

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Mike beat me to it but yes, it’s part of the BZ_Spline tools by Fredo6.

Also keep in mind, since the hull is symmetrical, you only need to model one half. You can copy and flip the copy for the other half.


Thank you all for the replies. DaveR, can you contact me? I would love some training in sketchup.

PM sent.

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