How to make an progressive arc?

If I would draw (f.expl.), a boat;
Then I start with the keel, and goes up forward, making a curve from horisontal, to slightly progress towards the vertical line …
How can I do this in SketchUp ???
(In A.Cad, there is a command for it; progressive curve …

You can use the 2-Point Arc tool to draw the curves you want. You will have to draw the curve in segments, not all at once, however. Or, you can install an Extension that allows you to draw Bezier curves–ones with a constantly changing radius.

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Bezier Curve Tool by SketchUp — SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Bezier Spline v1.7a by Fredo6 — SketchUcation PluginStore


Thanks a lot Davidheim1 !

I’ve been away for some time, however, I will check Your suggestions out, soon …
Do have a good Day !