Not regular slope


HI everyone!
First sorry for my english (not very good) !

I have a problem with my 3D, i don’t understand… I CAN’T make a regular slope

(I had to start from a plan, and the mesure in the axe Z were definite in 3 points)

I would like to share my model or at least some screenshot but it’s the first time i came to this forum so i don t know where i have to put it ?
Cause i’m not sure i was really… clear:-)

Thank you!!!


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Hi Olivia,

Here’s an elementary example of a way to model a curved ramp.
The trick is to draw the arcs on the ground plane.
Then use the Move tool (nothing selected) to move the arc endpoints to the desired elevation.

Ramp.skp (43.5 KB)

Here’s a more formal and accurate method…

Ramp 2.skp (115.8 KB)


Ok, but i have this curve, from a plan,and i have to keep it similar, but in sketchup, the curve is divided in many arcs, so… do have i to move one end of arc each by each ? it s really difficult, and… so i must move a point Xnumber on the Z axis ?
it’s praticly impossible? Or have i not understand ?



You can make them one with the Weld plugin.

Weld — Extension Warehouse

A Bezier Curve tool (plugin) might come in handy.
The Cubic Bezier Curve tool in Fredo6’s version works well for tracing.


Great ! I found an extension for the bezier spline. Now… a last question… which command/ extension/ draw do you use to go from the step 2 to the step 3 ? (creating a surface)
Cause i can’t with the sandbox… nothing happened… and the extension for the bezier surface seems no more producing

thanks a lot for your answers !!:slight_smile:


I believe he just stitched vertices together using the line tool.


do you know how can i do the same ? but not manually , cause it s very very to difficult with the dimension and the irregularity of the slope


Just as @slbaumgartner said, stitch endpoint-to-endpoint with the Line tool.

Triangulation (stitching) is an important technique to master.
You’ll find stitching easier if you explode the curves and turn on endpoints.

Learn how to stitch before you rely on a plugin.
Curviloft v1.4a by Fredo6

Curviloft requires LibFredo6