How can I fill in the curved surface of my ramp with material?

As pictured here I am trying to model a ramp for my design class, I used the 2 point arc tool to create the curved ramp but I can’t figure out how to create a surface for it. Any help appreciated

The only way to do it using the free version is manually, that means that you must stitch and probably draw diagonals to create faces, it could be easier if you activate the end points view, I’m not sure where is it on the web version, on the desktop version is on the styles tray. Just make sure that both arcs have the same amount of sides to make it easier, you can also reduce the sides to make the process a bit faster.

Everything in sketchup is made of straight edges and flat faces, so to create a slope you must create the faces that can be graphically smoothed to look like a curving slope.
Stitching is joining the endpoints of the segments together and as you see in this simple sample the diagonal is needed to make the two triangles form.
Then the edges are ‘smoothed’ using the eraser tool and ctrl. Note how the eraser Icon changes to a red squiggle when I toggle ctrl, this is smoothing, Hard straight will erase, dotted straight will hide (accessed by shift).
GIF 7-09-2023 12-00-57 PM


After you learn and understand how geometry is created in SketchUp, you can use its properties

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