How to make a surface?

Hi Im trying to do a ramp ang it’s quite irregular and complicated how do I go about by placing a face on this? And are there any plugins that is easy to use for making ramps? I tried using the Chris Fullmet Tools and im confused!!

Here is a part of the ramp I am working on and I can’t seem to put a face on it.

RAMP.skp (2.3 MB)

Based on the edges you’ve created, I’m not sure any plugin will do it but you can draw lines to create triangles and get faces.

How did you go about developing the edges for your ramp?

You will need to triangulate the surface to connect the edge segments. Something like this:

Once the surfaces are created, you can soften the top to make it look like a single, curved surface, like this:

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I tried the Sandbox from Contours tool to the top edges of the onject. This is what the result looks like with Hidden Geometry on: