Rounded paths for faces

Hello there again.

Here I got another problem. I am trying to make nice and smooth path as on pictures below.
But as you can see this way does not make faces ‘right way’ as artifact can be seen - however I don’t like it.

It’s kind of possible to do it manual way, but still not fully happy with it, as sometimes not all edges like to be included in smoothing…

Is there any good way to do it (best without plugins like - Shape Bender etc.)

Thank you.

Is what you are trying to draw a helical ramp? If so, you might find it easier to use one of several plugins that do the hard work for you.

Try (from the SketchUcation plugin store) SU Parametric Shapes, or google for Spirix plugin (not sure where to get that). There may be others I don’t know that do something similar.

Yes. Honestly I thought it’s one of the most simply shapes and it should not require any plugins. However I will try those you mentioned. Thank you.

It is indeed possible manually, if you don’t have too many segments in your curves, and you can smooth the results to soften the edges.

But as you found it is tricky tricky to get right.

For a manual method, you could start with two concentric cylinders or half cylinders, make them into a component, then draw a series of points up the sides on the segment lines with the tape measure, incrementing the height by a suitable distance for each segment. Then joint the points with lines.

Indeed, maybe that’s how you did it.

If found some tips in here :slight_smile:
This is less advances version obviously but should be ok for now.
Test in progres.

This one actually using some plugins as well so not interested into it.

Why do you not want to use Plugins?

Because I am new to SketchUp and I want to do it using clear software + I want to know this app deeper. It should be possible, as this is basic thing to make - I think.

Finally I stay with this unless someone got another automated good solution.
Cause, when you want to make it more smooth (add more segments) it take much more time to do it manually.


These are good reasons and I salute you! Too many newbies want to jump straight to advanced stuff before they understand how SketchUp works.

Just be advised that though there is nothing a plugin can do that you can’t do using the built-in tools, sometimes the manual way is extremely complicated, subtle, tedious, or time-comsuming!

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You will probably get a better result from your manual method if you switch the diagonals. It will result in a smoother looking surface.