How do you create a helical path with a 4ft - 6ft radius for an assembly to follow?


Try the SU Draw Parametric Shapes plugin from Sketchucation Plugin store.


I use “Curve Maker” from the Extension Warehouse.


Yes, there’s more than one good plugin for helices. Just search Extension Warehouse or SketchUcation Plugin Store for ‘helix’ or ‘helical’.

There’s also one by Jim Hamilton called Spirix, which I think isn’t in either store, but here

Something like this?

Helix.skp (93.0 KB)

That’s done with my plugin SU Draw Parametric Shapes from SketchUcation. Install it, then open the model attached here.

R click on the component in the SU model, then pick Edit Helix to change the parameters to what you want.

Or if you want a helical ramp or a ramp with sides (vertical or sloping) chose the option from the Draw/3D Shapes (JWM) menu, and redraw it.


Thank You!


Thank you for the information!


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