How have these loops been done?

Hi everybody.

I was watching this very interesting video showing some curviloft extension features.

And then I wonder how the loops of the following picture took from the video have been made.
I think I could do something like that drawing arcs and rotating or moving them.

This is what I got in some of my first tries, but it doesn’t look as perfect:

Any idea about how to make it look like in first picture?

I also found this interesting tutorial about how to draw a spiral but it’s a 2D one.

Thanks in advance.

There is a range of plugins to help draw spirals in 3D.

Try searching the Extension Warehouse, or SketchUcation Plugin Store for ‘helix’ or ‘spiral’.

One very comprehensive one is Spirix by ( I think) @jimhami42 but it isn’t in either plugin store - google for his github site.

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Thank you to your answer @john_mcclenahan, I found on SketchUcation a plugin called Helix Along Curve and I think I got a result similar to the one I was looking for.

If someone is interested, I drew a line 16’ parallel to blue axis, I selected it and I applied helix along curve with the following values getting this result:

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