Making spiral ramp. PLZ HELP!

look at this and you will understand my problem)

If you want to do it without any plugins you just need to add the geometry that will allow it to ‘flex’ appropriately.


thank you very much:scream_cat: so helpful information)

Now that’s clever!

Download “Curve Maker” from the Extension Warehouse. It puts a helix command under draw > curve maker > helix. First click - drag - click to make a helix of any size, then fill in the parameters in the measurements box. It’ll change the helix you just made every time you change a parameter and press enter. It’ll ask how many turns it makes, how many edges per turn, height per turn (divide your desired helix height by the number of turns the helix makes, then put in the number), and whether it’s clockwise or not. After that, align a rectangle to the end of the helix, then use follow me or the upright extruder plugin.

There are many ways to do this using plugins, I demonstrated the manual way because the OP had an issue with doing it manually, as you can see from the stretched face in his image. By understanding what is happening in the underlying geometry you get a better understanding of how everything works. Jumping straight to plugins can be counterproductive because you may fail to learn the basics.

You’ll have a hard time making it work with follow me, it will twist, but you are correct it will work with upright extruder.

All that being said, here’s John McClenahan and Fredo working together.


The manual way showed results in a skewed shape, not into in a spiral with a constant radius and right angle, though:

Quite right @MikeWayzovski, but I answered the question that was asked.
In the image you can see that the end face has been moved up on the blue axis and the faces have failed to form correctly. My solution solves that very specific issue.

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