Trouble generating smooth 2D pathways



I’m a newbie and have had no real issues with 3d stuff but have struggled with the 2d world. I’m doing a landscape design and needed to do freeform curved flower beds. I ended up creating them in illustrator and then using make face to complete the import. It was kind of a long way around but it works. Now I can’t get a freeform pathway. I’ve tried the freeform draw tool but it’s janky and looks like a toddler drew it, I could find no successful way to smooth it. I can’t use the illustrator method as it will be too difficult to scale and place. I tried exporting cad file from Sketchup in Illustrator to trace but the file was giant and just wouldn’t work, and it wasn’t dark enough or something. I tried the bezier curve from sketchup but it doesn’t create a face even if I use a Make Face extension.

Can someone point me in a direction of a simple extension that will produce this for me? It seems like such a simple thing compared to the complex things that can be done, maybe I just don’t know the way to do it?

thank you


Hi @tvshrine ,
You must be doing something wrong, because it does create a face. Be careful not to draw along Z axis. See below, both shapes are drawn with Bezier Curve Tool :

Also you can use 'arc’s to achieve your goal. You can edit their segments, radius etc. later. Check this ‘Kidney Bean’ section for more info:

Additionally you can try this plugin but i haven’t used it before:


Thank you. I did not realize the move tool had the ability to refine points I thought it just moved whole objects. I had tried the arc but I find them a bit difficult to plan out and combine, I used the move tool to refine but I seemed to add another divot or bump somewhere else every time I removed one so my results were time consuming and uneven.
I don’t know what I could have been doing wrong with the “Bezier Curve Tool” created by “the Sketchup Team” but I tried multiple times and no face.
I will try the plugin you recommended, I only wish it were easily accessible via the extension warehouse because I downloaded something else from fred06 through Sketchucation and it took a while because there is so much documentation I had trouble just finding the download link, that site is prohibitive, I think I’d almost rather pay and use a plugin via the warehouse.
I really appreciate your help on this.


I know, his plugin documentations are very detailed and might be difficult to find the download link. That’s why i gave you the ‘easier’ url to download it. (You will need to login to that site)


You might want to give us an example of what you want to draw so we can advise you better.
Here I have use the 2point arc tool and then a bezier tool. Both form a face. Although it is often better to draw on a face to begin with.

As for SketchUcation and their plugins. Register there and install their Plugin Store plugin which will allow you to search, install and keep all your plugins up to date from within SU.


I’ve been trying with arcs and that bezier plug-in but it won’t create faces for them, simple three or four arcs together but not ones with 10 or 12 like I want, I tried to do it in sections and still no. It’s just too time consuming and frustrating. I even have make faces plug in and it won’t do them on there either. Maybe it’s a windows 10 issue as that is a very old plugin, I can’t even find any working links on how to use it. It’s a shame, pathways are vital to all my projects so it’s kind of a deal breaker but thanks for trying.


Start with a big face.