Creating curved sidewalk on an incline


Hi everyone,

I’m new to sketch up pro and have been able to navigate it somewhat successfully. I’ve use Cinema 4D in the past so 3D is not an entirely new concept to me.

I’m building a park design, and i’m wanting to create a curved path. The path is similar to a sidewalk (but with a wooden material). I want it to curve throughout the green space in the park; while also having a slight incline- acting as a wheelchair ramp. I’ve attached a picture of what I have, and kind of how I want it to curve.

For the life of me I can’t figure out a way to create the path in a smooth manner. I’ve tried with sandbox methods and it still comes out way too rough. I’m wanting the curves to be smooth. Is there an easy way to do this? Much appreciated!



To create the curves, try the Bezier tool. First break up the path (starting with a rectangle) into logical sections. Then use the Bezier tool to draw curves meeting these points.

Once you have created a curve which is satisfactory, you want to use the push pull tool to pull up and make it a volume taller the grade it is on.

You can then intersect the curved volume with the grade to create a curved form on a grade.



This is super easy to do once you see it done. Bezier curve tool may be helpful but simple tangent arcs offset from one side of the path to the other will work as well.

Draw your curved path starting and stopping with one side of your straight path. Then offset it to line up with the other side and extrude to height you want:

Then draw sloped plane from top to bottom of your grade change:

Then select the whole sloped plane and then ‘intersect it with model’:

Next, erase or hide your extruded path:

Then double-click to select the face and bounding edges of the part of your sloped plane you don’t need…group it first, the hide or deleted. Notice the intersection with model left you with a curved path outline in your slope:

This is the path you’re left with.

Optionally, since it’s a single plane and not a Sandbox surface, you can just use PushPull to give it a thickness:

Finished path looks smooth: