Making an outdoor stair

I am trying to create a curved outdoor stairs - as one curved solid block. There should be steps but also “idle plane” no idea if that is the correct English term…
So my 2D curve is set for the edge of the stair. Next step for me would be to copy/paste lines evenly every 30 cm along the curve for the steps… After that delete the lines that are in the idle plane. Then p/p the steps up to correct height.
So I figure that pathcopy is the extension that could help me with the lines to mark the steps. But realize that I am not able to download any extensions any longer as I stick to my 2020 Pro version?
Maybe I am trying wrong workflow/way to achieve this stairs? I want a solid group to be able to cut through terrain…
So in real my question is two

  1. How should I achieve the stairs?

    Bad hand drawn sketch trying to illustrate what I want to achieve…
  2. Is there no way to get any extensions any longer when I have pro 2020?

Hi Susanne.

First you shouldn’t need any extensions to draw the stairs. It can be done with native tools.

You can go to the Extension Warehouse in your internet browser and download extensions. Then use Install Extension in the Extension Manager page to install them.

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No words needed :slight_smile: thank you… As usual you make it look so easy and simple and I feel like a jerk not able to figure it out myself :wink:
It is nice if not blessing to have people around willing to share their knowledge like you do…
I will “just do it!”

I have not been working in SU for a while and I can tell - I am slow and seem to have forgotten too much…

OK sounds good that I am able to do it that way to download extensions - I actually tried but did not find it in extension manager? Maybe I will when restarting SU or just after a cup of tea? :slight_smile:

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