Help to make a ramp

I am trying to make a ramp connecting to an outside stairs and the ground level outside the house. I thought it would be as simple as marking the short-end next to the stairs and move it up along the blue axis - but it is impossible to drag it upwards. I have tried to only mark short-end, mark short-end plus long edges to the end of the ramp, mark short-end and the surface - but I am stuck - no idea how to proceed… anyone skilled with tip on what I should do?! Please…

Can you share the file?

Have you tried to to rotate instead of pull?

Use Alt + Move tool for Autofolding (like drag upwards geometry) -

Wow - so nicely illustrated - thank you mihai.s -where do I find the clever “ramp tool” that you use in the second example?

You’re welcome!
‘Ramp tool’ it’s a plugin and you can download it from Sketchucation - s4u Stair [$] - Trial v4.1.0 or from Extension Warehouse

Thank you I made it… even if the shadow looks a bit weird on the first sloping part… :slight_smile:

Select that diagonal edge and smooth it

Thank you did not know about this feature - -I have already “erased” it by using shift+ erase tool - how can I know make the line visibile again and smooth it?!

View > Hidden Geometry

Of course… :slight_smile: thank you

If that ramp is for accessibility, it is way too steep, and the top landing is too small for turning a wheelchair.

You are probably right - thank you. This is just a first sketch for a customer who is not at all considering ramp. I just wanted to show where it could be done - maybe it should have been correct from start - but not even sure they want one…