How to create ramp with both sides sloping to middle? (v-shaped?)

Am new to sketchup, trying to create a ramp that slopes slightly inward on both outer walls to the center…ideally something that I want to 3d print and use for a ball to roll down and stay in middle of ramp. Screenshot below on what I am trying to create…having difficulty - any help is appreciated.

Basically it is a job for the FollowMe tool. Use a section of the desired shape for profile and the curve you have drawn for path.
I recommend that you do the free courses at

Like this:

The middle one should be last (if you just want the curved section).

Had tried FollowMe with no success. Figured out my problem. I was pulling the outside walls of the ramp up to the off-set I desired, but then the FollowMe was not connecting as I hoped. Started from scratch and kept the outer and inner wall at the same level. Then completed the follow-me to create the ramp, then was able to pull the outer wall up to the desired level to create the “v-shape” I was looking for. Thanks for the response!