Make a curved hip joint skate ramp with uneven length run offs


Hi everyone,

I was playing around on Sketch Up and managed to create the following joint hip skate ramp, I did it using the Follow Me Push & Pull tool (Top image):

However, I then tried to create a similar ramp but with different length run offs, the same technique doesn’t work! How can I complete this corner so the curves of the ramp meet perfectly like in the top picture (image of problem is bottom image):

Thanks in advance.


Make your ramp base a solid box, create a cylinder along one side so it overlaps at each end. Use the solid tools to subtract the cylinder from the box. Repeat for each edge.


Or else draw the ramp profile at the middle of an edge (cut out a little bit to allow this), follow me around the remainder of the edge, and then use pushpull to fill the gap. On occasion, followme doesn’t get the fact that you wanted to go around the corner, not stop there when the profile is located at the corner.


Thanks for the suggestion, however due the the run offs being different lengths I’m not sure this solution works. Unless I’m doing it wrong of course.


I misunderstood that detail of your post! Followme deals with only one profile at a time, so it is not possible to use it directly to join two different runoffs at the corner. What you need to do is to extend the edges past the corner and followme each runoff through where it crosses the other. Then use Intersect Faces With to generate the edges where the extrusions cross and finally erase the extra geometry past the intersection. Depending on the size of your model, you may have to scale up before doing the intersect to avoid issues with small edges.

The technique @justcheckinm8 suggests will work only with SketchUp Pro. You could construct the cylinders he shows and use Intersect Faces With to achieve the same basic idea in Make.


Unfortunately follow me explodes the original curves, but if you weld them back together you can manipulate them to your hearts content.


And the basic method with the line tool and some inferences…


You can also start by creating an uniform shape, and then select one of the sides and use the Scale tool to stretch it. The profile will become elliptical, though.



And another one with pushpull and intersection…