Ramp Maker

hello, can you help me guys, i wanted to make a ramp it is a mixture of straight and curved ramp but i cant do it, it should have a top height of 3m and base height of 0 m thank you

Seems like a good candiate for Fredo6’s Curvishear.


copy the ramp footprint into a new model and upload it…


i tried to use the curvishear but it doesnt recoginize the whole ramp, it only recognizes the curve part of my ramp

Please upload the footprint of the ramp, as @john_drivenupthewall has already asked you.

im sorry, how will i do that? im not toatally into sketchup :frowning:

ramp.skp (164.1 KB) this is the ramp hope you can help me out guys thank you so much

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ill try this one
thank you!!

you saved my life!!! thank you!!!

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Belgica… from belgium?

ohh hi im from the philippines by the way :slight_smile: