(Curved surface) ramp copied from my real ramp

Hello! does anyone have a good solution to my headache:

Drawing a copy of a real ramp i’ve built and even though it took 3 days to build in real life i was hoping the drawing part would be faster but i’m on my fifth day now… :smile:

I need to create av surface that follows the construction so i can texture it with plywood. There’s not one or even multiple radius to follow there’s just the steel/wood profiles that are irregular due to wear & tear (OCR racing).

Tried to draw several curves following the top side of the construction but sketchup devides the different curves/lines. I tired the weld plugin and it makes it a bit better but doesen’t weld every line. Tried the simple loft plugin and it seems to work (merging lines) but then the offset command doesen’t work som i cant make a copy of the line (trying to make a surface/thickness of the single line) to be able to push/pull it over the whole ramp.

One possible way…

realramp.zip (81.1 KB)