Help with surface following curve

Making a replacement part for RC Plane motor mount. Everything was going well until the shaded part didn’t follow the curves! I drew the part flat so I could Calc the screw holes easier now I need the middle of the part to follow the curves so it is not flat in the center. If I delete the lines forming the bottom part I loose the shading I think this is also called the surface? Yes I am new:) Thanks in advance for your help.
Going to attempt to upload the sketch.rawplate2_arcs.skp (1.2 MB)

If it is too large to upload here, upload it to the Warehouse and provide the link.

Just uploaded…

Got it.

The shading is a face. Well, actually two in your model, now.

At this stage, perhaps the easiest thing is to use the Line tool to stitch the vertices on the two arcs together. This will fill in the raised area. I doubt it’ll provide the shape you’re really after, though.

I’ve started the stitching here:

Note that due to the different radius and heights of the arcs you’ll need to add the diagonals to get faces. The edges of the arcs are not coplanar.

Do you have a photograph of the part or a similar one that you could show us?

I have successfully drawn and 3d printed a few parts but the curves in this one are proving hard for me.
The price I am drawing is the bottom part, after that I was simply going to modify it to create the upper part. the upper part does not need to be like orgional. The top and bottom screw together with the foam wing inbetween. The wing has similar contours as it is foam I do not have to be perfect just close enough.

Thanks again for your help hope the pictures explain a bit better.

If you want to draw like this, you can use Curviloft plugin.

YES, I know if I had more CAD experience I would likely have better methods but for now I draw like I’m using MS paint :slight_smile:

I will check out the plugin!
Thanks All

But first you need to fix this error.

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