Trying to create curved plywood

Here is my original post Working on making a skateboard ramp

I have moved past making the templates for the sides. I have been able to make all the 2x4, etc. Where I am having some problems is creating the curved plywood.

I used the offset tool to move the curve 1/2 inch on both sides. Then I used the line tool to connect all the edges, but it has created a box without a top if that makes sense.

Any ideas where I might have gone off the rails

Instead of doing that, why not do what I showed you in that other thread? Create the curved end face and use Push/Pull to extrude it across to the opposite side.

I “thought” I tried that. Let me go try again

AHA moment. With my newer found skills, I understand what you meant with our first comment. Thanks for being so patient.

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Results Woohoo


Almost looks like you could skate on it. I’d be careful on the other side though. I’m guessing the wheels would drop through and you’d get kind of scuffed up.