Drawing modification

Hi everyone, I’m facing a problem of how to give my model a thickness of 12mm plywood. The shape consists of many different angles, and I must say I’m lost! Will anyone helps me with this please I’m a beginner, and with just free version I have got no idea how to do it in such a way that the angles are the same for pieces that are connected. thickness shall go to the inside12mm plywood.skp (37.4 KB)
Big thanks for anyone that will help me here!

If I were doing that with the shape already, I would make a copy and explode it. Then I would use Joint Push/Pull (from Sketchucation) to create thickness and the select the appropriate edges and faces to make groups.

I’ve I had been modeling it from scratch, I would have made all the parts with the 12mm thickness first and then modified them to add the beveled edges.

Hi thanks for the reply,

I have tried this plugin but it does not do exactly what I wanted it to do. I also tried 2nd option but the angles are different on each piece and I’m simply lost!
Is there anyone that could help me, please?