Having trouble with volume of curved ramp - Fredo's Tools

Hello SketchUp Peeps!

So I created a curved ramp using Fredo Tools curvishear and curviloft. I am trying to figure out the volume of this ramp. I thought I took out all the extra line but it still won’t give up the volume. Can one of you please point me to where I went wrong and how can I avoid this in the future?

Garcia Ramp.skp (240.8 KB)

The ramp component is made up of some loose geometry and a bunch of groups.

Explode all those groups and correct the reversed faces so you have a solid component and you’ll get the volume.

Thanks Dave. I can always count on you! When you say correct the revered faces, what do you mean and how do I do that.

I’ see that I have multiple groups compared to yours. I’ll give that a shot!

Thanks Dave that worked like a champ!

The reversed faces are the blue ones. You should have no exposed back faces. Open the component for editing, right click on the correctly oriented white ramp surface and choose Orient Faces.

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