Help: Not getting Volume of the object

Skewed Culvert not getting volume.skp (80.2 KB)

Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me that in the attached file - I tried to get the volume of the box however it is not working/showing at all. I wonder if anyone can help me have a look at the model and how to fix that?

I had a looked it does not seem to have internal faces either. Really struggle to find out why it is not showing volume in the attributes?

Thanks a lot.

Is it grouped multiple times? Explode it all the way down to lines and surfaces and make it a group again.

It should say ‘Solid Group’ and then is will report a volume.

The group does not qualify as a SketchUp solid. Firstly, as @bmike says, it is a group inside a group. It also has some additional problems. You could try the Solid Inspector extension to tell you what is wrong. It was able to fix the left one of your groups after I exploded the group inside.

@bmike and @Anssi have given you some great advice … you would do well to install the Solid Inspector extension by @ThomThom.

Using that extension it was immediately obvious that the models of the skewed culverts were missing small vertical faces on the right end.

And then it also suggested that there were issues caused by some extraneous embedded geometry.

Once these two issues were resolved SketchUp was happy to calculate the volume of the “Solid Figure” … 175.09 cubic meters.

But when I opened the original SketchUp file … in addition to the problems that were preventing SketchUp from treating the model of each of the skewed culverts as a “Solid Group” … the organization of the SketchUp model seemed rather odd.

There were no “Scenes” … but there was a “Tag” for “Plan View” … and another for “Cross Section.”

I submit that you might find it useful to organize your SketchUp models in a more conventional fashion … with “Scenes” for various views of the model … and “Tags” for the various elements of the model.

Here is a SketchUp model of the Skewed Culverts organized along those lines: 240705A_Skewed_Culvert.skp (32.7 KB)

Hope this is helpful.

E. Godsey
GTA Design

Thank you for the advice. It is now fixed.

Thank you for the good advice. It is now fixed and will use scene and section views in the future!

Thank you for the advice. It was missing a small plan to seal the solid. It was fixed with the extension solid inspector.