2D organic shapes

Hello all. I’ve been using SketchUp Make for a couple of years. Although I love this program, I cannot find a way to create 2D organic shapes - as in a free form pool or planting bed. Pools in particular have a 1" overhang…I write this in particular because the coping must show up as either 2" or 3" in thickness in addition to the overhang…complex I think.

I’ve tried the free form function and despite being very, very good with a pencil, I cannot make smooth organic lines like those made with a spline line in CAD. Any help is appreciated.

Have you tried Fredo6’s Bezier Spline extension from Sketchucation?

Besides BezierSpline, you can lay down a series of arcs with the Arc tool and adjust the 3 cardinal points.

After the initial layout of the profile you can do a little work with Push/Pull and Scale tools. Check the above link for a more complete tutorial.