Making a mix curved and straight parking ramp

I’m trying to make a mixture of curved and straight parking ramp…the starting level is 0m and the end level is 5m. I’ve tried follow me, intersecting planes and now I’m doing the tedious job of marking levels on each possible arc vertices. Please help me do this job faster and simpler. :handshake:

take a look here

and here

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Probably the easiest and fastest option for this would be a combination of two plugins.
Fredo’s Curvishear, part of Fredo Tools.
And Enoroth’s Upright Extruder.


Great! Let me try and get back here :blush:

Alternativelyl, you could use the plugin SU Parametric shapes from the SketchUcation Plugin Store.

That allows you to draw helical ramps, with or without sides at any angle.

But @Box’s solution is more elegant and as always his GIF’s are a delight.

Thanks a lot @Box ! You were of great help! :relaxed:

You’re welcome.
By the way, if you go to your windows Start button then All Programes then scroll to Accessories you will find a little application called Snipping Tool.
You can use this to make screenshots for the next time you need to show us something.

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Sorry @Box actually it was my partner who was having problems in his laptop and his laptop having no internet connection, I thought to instantly take a photo and ask here :sleepy:

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So that’s what that application is for! You just never know what you will learn when reading these post.

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It’s one of the best hidden secrets of the Windows OS.

I hit the windows key then press “s” and it pops straight up for me.

Hi Box,
What do you use to create the video demonstrations?
Thanks, Billy

Doesn’t the snipping tool do it for you?

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