Just to know if there is a faster way

Hi everybody.

I’d like to use this thread to ask about very basics just to know I’m using the right and faster way because I know SketchUP has lot of features that I may be not using them.

For my first question I have the following situation.

I want to draw a quarter part of a circle with 31 radius which bottom edge makes contact with the left top corner of the shape. I’m doing this way.


I ask you this because the guideline is not needed or maybe it’s better to draw a real line.

If it’s required this is the .skp file: PropInterEjer-06.skp (16.3 KB)

Thanks in advance.
Thanks in advance.

You seem to be doing it just fine.
I’d probably use Line to add a temporary vertical line 31mm long, draw the Arc, then Erase the line when it’s no longer useful - using shortcut key presses for the tools.
There are many ways to draw things.
For example, if you are adding a solid back part to the arc then you could draw that first, 31mm high plus horizontal line, and then add the arc ?

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I think you’re doing it reasonably fast.

You could use the Pie tool if you want to fill in the quadrant. Generally, though, if I were going to draw something like that, I would draw it on a larger rectangle and I wouldn’t draw all those horizontal lines since they’d need to be erased anyway.

One other thing you might consider doing is setting a keyboard shortcut for Edit>Delete Guides.

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Thank you TIG.

EDIT: Knowing those little tricks or making sure you’re doing in the right way saves time, that’s why question can look silly, but MikeWayzovski and others has taught little tricks for example double click to repeat an arc (I know other tools work like that) and it doesn’t matter if I need it inward or outward.

In this particular case it was for this shape composed by two arcs:


So I admit I didn’t see all tutorials at least not all of them and sometimes people can recommend another way as a trick.

Thank you both, I was considering that setting a shortcut for delete guides could help, I remember you told me you have it like this and in fact, it’s an option I very often use it, so I’m afraid it’s time to decide what shortcut I will assign, haha :slight_smile:

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