Arc tool only creates a circle

I am trying to make an arch window similar to what you would see on a gothic church where the arch goes to a more pointed shape at the top.

It has been a little while since I have used Sketch up and I can’t remember which tool to use. I thought I was always using the arc tool and I would click in the middle of the window then to the outside where I wanted it to start, then click the top point and it would create the arc but now when I use the arc tool it only ever goes to a circle shape and I can’t get any of the other tools to do anything but create a quarter or whole circle.

You can’t create and arch like that in a single operation. Or it looks like you are using the pie tool, not the actual arc tool.

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And another similar option.


Thank you both so much! The second way is the way I used to do it. I can’t believe I managed to forget in just a couple months. I had no idea you could drag the line down to change the arch angle. I have always just made a new line and started all over again.

The first way is great too. I had no idea you could do most of that so it will be really helpful!