Layer and settings presets to quickly switch model views

I use a lot of layers in order to enable selective in/exclusion of structural details.
Is there a concept of “sets of layers” such that I could choose “floorplan” set which
would turn on all the layers containing floorplan-specific stuff and turn off all the
3D-related geometry. And vice versa. (and maybe even change perspective, and viewpoint)

Basically meta-layers / meta-settings enabling one or two clicks to switch between
various presets

You can do so with scenes which allows you to manage visibility of layers, camera locations, hidden geometries etc.

Check this article for more info about ‘Creating Scenes’: Creating Scenes | SketchUp Help


The extension Layers Panel could provide such functionality:

One of it’s basic functions is to allow you to arrange your SU layers into hierarchical groups, sub groups, sub sub groups, etc. Once you define your hierarchy, you can turn visibility on/off for any given grouping - including all groups beneath it in the hierarchy.

So if you don’t mind putting all your “floorplan-specific stuff” in one group and your “3D-related geometry” in another, then two clicks will be all you need to switch between views.

However, this won’t help on the perspective/viewpoint as all it is doing is changing the visibility of various layers in your current scene.

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