Shortcut keys to toggle customised Layers on/off

Hello everyone,

I’m new to sketchup, and LOVING it.

With my first model, I created my own layers to better view my model. I keep turning them on and off with the mouse. It’s quite annoying and time consuming. Is there a way to assign shortcut keys to do that?

Help will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance and keep sketching :wink:

PS: I know how to assign shortcut keys from the preferences window.

There isn’t really any way to set keyboard shortcuts to turn layer visibility on or off. That could easily get to be very cumbersome.

You could however create scenes with different layers turned on or off and then switch between scenes. The only common thing the scenes will have is that Layer 0 will always be visible and will always be the active layer.

Thanks Dave. Much appreciated.

For future reference for other newbies, here is a resource link on creating scenes in SketchUp:

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Having one shortcut for each layer would be quite unpractical as it doesn’t scale when new layers are added. There are also a limited number of (reasonable) keystrokes.

I’ve madean extension that might be interesting to you. It adds commands for hiding the layer(s) of the selected entities, showing all layers present in the active drawing context and re-hiding all layers that were previously shown except those in the selection. The extension only needs 3 shortcuts regardless the number of layers.

As a practical example, if you want to show the Fixtures layer, show all active layers, click a fixture in the model, re-hide last shown expect selection and you are good to go. Even though it is really 3 steps (keystroke, selection, keystroke) I could imagine it is also faster than trying to remember the exact layer something is on and press a keyboard shortcut for that very layer.

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With layer organizer from the extension warehouse you can get more control over your layers as you can group them and turn on or off your grouped layers. It’s not free but it helped me a lot

Is this the extension that can hide a layer when you click on an object as well?I think I recall that mentioned and it would be useful with a hot key.

With this extension you first select the object and then call the command to hide it.

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