Changing Layer States within Scenes

I am a keen user of SU - finding it really useful in my job (consulting structural engineer working with large contractors - often looking at the pros and cons of different construction sequences).

I can usually get my hands on a pre-drawn model of a building’s structure - which usually retains it’s layering (commonly many tens) when I import to SU.

In SU I create different sequences for alternate ways of building the building. I use Scenes to create my first version and then vary the methodology by creating other versions with various layers switched earlier or later.

Switching on/off the layers in various scenes is a pain - I make use of Plug-ins that control the visibility of the layer (‘only current scene’ or ‘all subsequent’ scenes) and other Layer Manager tools - but - it’s still a pain. The problem is made more difficult because I am commonly dealing with temporary propping elements that come in at an early stage and then come back out again.

This brings me eventually to my question:
Is there a Plug-in that would allow me to control layer visibility for multiple layers in multiple scenes on one page? I am thinking of something like an Excel Spreadsheet with the layers (by name) down one side and scenes (by number) across the top?

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It’s on my todo list but I haven’t had time to get there yet I’m afraid :confused: . If you know several scenes will have identical layer visibility, you can set it in the layer panel, select those scenes, and untick and retick the Visible Layers checkbox for the scenes. If the scenes however should have different layer visibility and you want to set the visibility for just a few specific layers, I don’t know of an easy way to di it as of now.

There was a free extension called Vismap (last version 2.1 compatible with SU2016) by Martin Reinhart that does exacly that. It was not available through the regular extension / plugin channels, but from his website.

Also take a look at Layers Organizer (paid extension on EW), it has a function where you could save certain layer states (independent from scenes) in addition to the other layer management functions it has. The predecessor to this paid version was Layers Panel (on EW and free, but further support & development ceased) which also has this functionality. It can be a little unstable in some circumstances, but was generally fine.

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Vismap2 could be an ideal solution but, unfortunately, I am seeing some errors when updating the layer “visibility map” in SketchUp :frowning_face:
This is possibly due to the tighter coding requirements in the newer ruby library SketchUp now uses.

The newer version of Vismap2 is available at:

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@sWilliams Nice find! I had to build the .rbz for it but it works great!!

@excygnet - Here is the extension in .rbz form. Give it a try!!

vismap2_Martin Reinhart-JimFoltz_update.rbz (17.3 KB)

I’m assuming Martin Reinhart gave his blessings on the manipulation of his code?