Basic CD interior elevations - How to plan for this in Sketchup Pro?

I’m new to Sketchup (SU).

I have a simple project: one space office upfit.
I have drawn a complete 3d model is SU.

Must now make 2d elevations in Layout (LO)

Problem is lines beyond interior elevation surface show up in Layout.
I am using the section cut tool to and saving different sections cuts to Scenes as the base for the 2d elevation in LO.

I have tried to hide un-needed ‘beyond lines’ on a layer which I then turn off. (time consuming and complicated)
Problem is that Scenes does not save differing Layer States. Must be a better way.

Can anybody direct me to a tutorial or some other instruction on this?

Thank you

This is only a small part of what you asked about, but scenes do, in fact, save layer visibility. That’s what you meant by layer states, right?

Are you viewing in Parallel Projection for your elevations? If you are seeing lines extending into the distance, that may solve that issue.

Thanks for the reply. Yes that is what I meant by layer states.

Can different Scenes save different combinations of layer visibility?
I was not able to do that?

In other words I set up one Scene with A,B,C,D layers on.
Then I set up a different Scene with W,X,Y,Z layers on.
When I went back to the first scene ABCD layers were off and
WXYZ layers were on. …?

You need to make sure that the checkbox for visible layers is on in the scenes window and then update the scene before changing to another scene.

Very grateful.
Thank you both.

Well, I couldn’t get that to work.

I’ll keep trying and looking around for what I may have missed .
But all I’m trying to do is to switch between two different scenes of the same model and have those scenes maintain and show different layer visibility settings. Seems like a simple task.

It normally is. Are you using the Scenes window/tray? When you choose Update there, you should get prompted for which properties to update, including Layer visibility

This process will work exactly as you want it to. I do it every day. There must be something wrong with your workflow. Could you share the step-by-step that you use to create and save a scene?

Open the Scenes window - on Mac it looks like this (and similar on Windows):

Update is the left hand icon.

Should bring up this dialogue:

As slbaumgartner said, make sure the Visible Layers checkbox is checked.

You DON’T get this prompt if you just choose Update from a R-click on the Scene tab in the drawing window.

Maybe my problem is in fact the workflow as pault728 suggests.
But I’ll go back and carefully walk through and record everything I do and then re-post.
Very much appreciate the help.
Very impressed, as a new person to the forum.

Well, I now think that my problems are much more fundamental than the Scene - Layer - Visibility issue because I think I got that to work.
Seems as though I was not updating my Styles correctly. I went back through the workflow carefully and got a warning dialog box about updating styles. I was selecting the wrong option in that box. Found the right option through trial and error. So I think I’ve got my presenting issue resolved.

Consequent question:
Say you are drawing a large one story house and need to make many interior elevation drawings to bring into Layout for dimensioning and production purposes. Would you guys turn every wall into a individual group or combination of walls into groups.
I am not doing that and pieces that should be in scenes are not and pieces that should not be are.
Anyway, I’m going to try that and see if it helps.

… think my section cut is the issue. When I cut a section for interior elevation purposes it seems to “scalp” the front surface off of the elevation exposing all lines beyond…
I like the bold line the section cut makes for outlining interior elevations though. Sad to loose that.

… okay, I used section cuts differently and this solved the problems. Workflow indeed.

Wanted to mention in regard to “pieces that should be in scenes are not and pieces that should not be are”: make sure you are doing all modeling on Layer 0, and only moving groups or components to other layers. Not doing so can create crazy stuff when changing layer visibility.

Glad to hear you’re getting your issues worked out.

you can go into the scenes editor, but it is easier to right click on the scene tab (once you have made your changes) and select “update”. This will save that particular scene with the layers and styles current in that scene.

I agree with the last two comments. Make sure you work off Layer 0 and then allocate other items to required layers. One thing to remember when working with layers in SU is that it is much easier if you make a group out of a set of items and then allocate the group a layer. Also remember to right click on the update option on the scene tab at the top of your page otherwise all the layer settings and view location you have just made will dissapear when you leave that scene tab for another one