Lawn Chair (w/o Cushions)


Awesome. I’d put that on my patio.

I added cushions to the model and uploaded it to the warehouse for you:


Could you upload a couple of these to my backyard please? :+1:

Ha-ha. VERY NICE. I meant I could put a REAL version of this on my patio. But a virtual one will have to suffice. :smile:

Here’s a photo of the one on my patio … it’s made by Mallin, but it appears to be discontinued :frowning:

These were purchased many moons ago. The closest thing today seems to be this one:


Not even close. The one you own looks much nicer. Too bad they cheated it up. But nice modeling job jimhami42. I haven’t ventured into working with curves yet. I’ll procrastinate until I absolutely have too! LOL