Modeling a Modern Adirondack Chair Live!

Modeling a modeler Adirondack in SketchUp! Come hang out with us!!


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It’s getting about time for a few Adirondack chairs. Hopefully it’ll warm up here and with no where to go, lounging in the shade with a tall drink seems like a good way to spend an afternoon. Seat of the plants or from a plan?

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@DaveR How about a limited lumber challenge version? Sometimes I play this game with flat pack furniture design from a single plywood sheet. Five 10’ 1x6 into a single chair, with as little waste as possible?

How about out of one 8 foot long 2x4? :smiley:

That would be a good trick. Sounds like a minimalist chair. Or what’s that classic bench that builds out of a single plank?

Edit: found it, I was thinking of a Leopold bench.

Not sure about a bench but there’s the plank chairs made out of a 2x12.

My mother can’t stand Adirondack chairs, but I think they are comfy as heck. :3

A few of the Adirondack-type chairs I’ve done.


Enough to carry this ?@

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Listen to your mother, she is right.
I can’t stand them either!

@TheOnlyAaron I can’t find the 3D Warehouse link.

(Friday night teasing, though it’s getting harder to know which one is Friday)

Aaron did say this one isn’t going up in the Warehouse out of respect to the designer. You can get the plans that he worked from at the Maker site he mentioned.

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My Grandfather had two of these, one still survives. I modeled it a few years ago in case I ever wanted to reproduce them. It’s at least 60 years old and Redwood.


I was still curious about why the bounding box went well below the geometry in a couple of places.

Probably some hidden geometry. He did find some hidden edges that he deleted.

I noticed, and that mostly fixed it.

Hi guys,

I couldn’t sit in on this live session, but now am trying to play it back on You tube. It seems to Jump straight in at the 40 ish minute mark, so all of the first section’s missing. Any chance you can re-load it.

I was particularly looking forward to this one!

Oh also my wife just looked over my shoulder and pointed out that there’s 2 L’s in Modelling!! :wink: :smiley:

I’ve been loving the videos, Cheers for the awesome content Aaron and Jody!

In British English yes. In American English there is just the 1.

I was rooting around in old hard drives as one does when quarantined. I found a couple more chairs to add to my collection. I’m thinking there’s one or two still AWOL.