Guillerme et Chambron Rubercrin Chair

In red oak. France, c. 1960


The b******d child of a real chair and a stool?

Nice rendering!:wink:

Not my design. I just drew it the way it was built. Maybe it was designed for a location where you are allowed to sit but not get comfortable. I’m in the process of reworking the design to make a dining chair. Maybe a prototype in the shop and then a set of them. I’ll have to look at it and sit on it for awhile.


I expect it was designed for one of those Hieronymus Bosch figures that have a head and legs but no body…


For my taste the legs/seat frame are a little ‘heavy’ due to their width.

Maybe a bar stool version (by simply stretching the legs) might improve those proportions to my eye. And the current chair back would be perfect for the purpose.

Nice model and cool render (with the mirrored reflections).

Thank you.

I was thinking of lightening the legs a bit for a dinning chair. A stool would be better for those legs and we need a couple of those, too. I think I’d have to add a footrest but that would be easy enough.

Do both the dining chair and the stool! Keep them similar enough that they obviously have the same root design.

I like the rendering presentation using mirrors for viewing the other sides.