Working home Lounge Chair

Here is an old DIY:


KratStoel.pdf (517.7 KB)

KratStoel.layout (1.2 MB)


Yes, Jack, pallets can come in useful.

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they are actually (used) scaffolding boards, which are called ‘Steigerhout’ in Dutch, pronounced as (s)tigerwoods…


OK. I must send to my son. He is rather keen on using scaffold boards for shelves and furniture.

Have you made it yet? Is it comfortable? Arms must be great for resting cups and glasses. But what about splinters?

■■■■ and blast! Only just noticed your pronunciation joke. Wakey wakey, Evans!

One of the qoutes of the architect that originates the design is: ‘Zitten is een werkwoord’
translated: ‘sitting is a verb’

it doesn’t have to be comfortable…

Such an artistic thing to say. Treating furniture as sculpture is of course rife amongst architects.

Was this the inspiration?

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Nice. Looks like one of Rietveld’s crate chairs. I have modelled that thinking I’d build a pair. My wife wasn’t sure about them.

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Looks like one of those things designed to prevent visitors from lounging around too long :wink:

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Looks like Frank Lloyd Wright was up to much the same trick.

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 14.12.34

And what does she think to those native (to you) Adirondack jobbies?

A well-designed Adirondack chair can be surprisingly comfortable despite its lack of padding.

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I think she likes some of them. Adirondack chairs are a wee bit too bulky for where I want to put them, though. I like the wide armrest on the Adirondack chairs. Great place to put a drink. But most of them are built so deep I need a crane to get out of them. :smiley:

This one I could manage.

Crate chair model I did February, 2018:

Should have copyrighted that crate chair. Jack has snuck in and stolen your design!

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Yeah. I know, right? Gerrit Rietveld beat both of us to it back in the 1930’s before even Jack was born. :smiley:

I think I snatched it in 2017, but I did some more:

its dynamic, too:

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Good deal. Way back in 2009 I did a model of the Red and Blue chair from which I made a child-sized chair plan which a friend of mine built for her son. I’ve always wondered how comfortable that chair would be for an adult. Kids will sit on anything.

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I have tried one years ago. I seem to remember that it wasn’t as uncomfortable as it looks like but far from ideal, and, as with your remark on Adirondack chairs, too deep, even for my 6’4".

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You really are an eschewer of creature comforts!

Hey Jack @MikeWayzovski, I think I’ve found your office chair:


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