A Live Edge Slab Bench


Claro walnut Slab Bench
A live edge claro walnut slab the easy way.

SketchUp as a hobby

Lovely work! If I were to do it personally. I probably would’ve made the legs either more modernist or more rounded. But just how I’d do it…


Honest critique… The bench itself (seat portion) is wonderfully old style, almost rustic, but the legs reflect a strictly refined modern edge… personally, I feel the two clash.


Thank you.

You’re welcome to your opinion. The contrast between the live edges on the seat and the straight, square corners on the legs was intentional. Different strokes.


Good morning DaveR,
I hope you do not think of my critique as a personal attack on your work and/or creativity.
Please do not.

It was only a critique. I was thinking about the design last evening too, particularly the legs. I think to be more specific, I would say that the finish on the legs is what clashes, IMHO. It looks more like a modern laminate or veneer where as the bench itself is a beautifully crafted old world style slab.
Blending an old style with a modern style is difficult to do. Not that it can’t be done… it certainly can !

What do you think about making the legs out of a stone material ?
Maybe Granite or Marble ?

Again, this is just a critique. I was taught about critiquing the work of others while in college (design classes), and it is in no way intended to offend you or your work sir.
It is only a humble suggestion / opinion.

Your work ( SketchUp ) shows a lot of skill too. The bench top really is beautiful.
I am just learning about SketchUp myself.

Best wishes.


No. I didn’t think of your comment as an attack. I spent enough time in fine arts school to recognize a critique and not to take it personally.

The wood grain texture I used on the legs is made from a photo of a real board. It isn’t an especially wild grain, though. As with the shape for the legs, I chose the unexciting grain as a contrast to the grain in the walnut. Stone or even concrete could also be used.

I don’t have any plans to build the bench. I only drew it as a subject for a tutorial on how to draw the live edge plank in SketchUp. At least for me, I can now say I’ve been there and done that. On to other things. :wink:

Thank you for the compliment. Practice is the key with SketchUp and with many other pursuits.