Live Edge Slab Table Top

From a demonstration for a student showing how to model a live edge slab. A big slab of bubinga that I’m sure I could never afford to buy. Just need to figure out the undercarriage.


Need something substantial for undercarriage -
Screen Shot 2021-08-22 at 22.59.44

Very cool ! :+1:

That’s close to what I was thinking of.

Thank you @tuna1957

Shouldn’t you also be using tree stumps for chairs?

This, in fact, requires a story about “rustic” conditions. Most Finns still feel a national shame after what happened around 50 years ago. Newspapers published a photo of Queen Elizabeth of Britain walking in a Finnish forest in her high-heeled shoes with a somewhat “we are not amused” look on her face. The organizers of her visit had decided to serve lunch out in the open, served on rustic wooden tables and benches.
But what follows proves in my mind that she was not that unamused as thought. She is after all known as an outdoor person. Shortly afterwards, a gentleman wearing a kilt appeared at the office of our largest manufacturer of log houses. The personnel at first thought that they were a subject of a student prank, However, the result was that a log cabin was delivered and set up in the grounds of one of the Queen’s castles (the kilt implies Balmoral) to be used as her personal retreat.

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