A few odds and ends, textures and replacement parts

I took a few photos of some wood I’ve been working on lately. It’s a door jamb that lives in a house built in 1815 and the tree was easily 50 years old when cut. It’s 14" wide and nearly clear.
If anyone can use these, feel free.



Very nice. Thank you.

It’s fun to find wide old boards, isn’t it? There’s an old general store not too far from here that has some amazing pine boards for paneling and the ceiling up on the second floor. I’ve always thought that I’d love to get my hands on some of it if they ever tear it down.

Here I’ve made textures from your images.
Old pine boards.skp (4.8 MB)

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This thing is going back where it came from. It needed some serious help. It was in a basement with a dirt floor. There was a fair amount of insect damage and rot on the back sides and one was badly cracked.

The hide glue was not used on the crack. I’m a large consumer of Abatron Woodepox
Probably poured about a quart on the back of the two jambs.


Would love to see some photos when you are finished with it.

It’s mostly done I’ll have to graft something on the bottoms when I know where the floor will be.


Thanks Shep and Dave!

Doin’ up my friend’s tree house door for 'em. Had to reduce the textures though. Didn’t want him going wild with the big versions.

Oops I see I have a couple seams in there. Easy to fix. These textures came out great. Can’t wait to play with rendering them.

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What happens when your Thirty year old hedge trimmers need a part? You have it printed of course.
I’m amazed how well this bell end fit. maybe better than the original. I did decide to to the countersink myself.
Little Wonder


Next up, a double hung window reproduction. It’s not terribly old, but good salvage units are proving hard to find.

In other news, we are about to begin setting the old jamb pictured above.



Once in a great while one needs to make a mark in very close quarters. Hence the pencil elbow.